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RELIC 10-6-2020
Does it sometimes appear as if things associated with the past are labeled relics and deemed
irrelevant? In a rapidly changing world that may seem logical. Records, pay phones and
typewriters have replaced the oil lamp and the crank as the new relics due to more rapid and
convenient replacements. When this trend deals with people, it is a more complex and sad
situation indeed. Self-service machines and ATMs are starting to replace grocery clerks and
bank tellers in many places.
The older generations must constantly strive to learn and use these new changes or become
human relics. In an attempt to stay on the cutting edge of culture, one can appear absurd or
even pathetic in both knowledge and appearance. Without dismissing us, the young folks can
teach us their skills so we can remain relevant. The problem is and always has been that today
can quickly become yesterday and all the tomorrows will one day be yesterdays.
With God, no person is a relic nor irrelevant. He love the old Prophet Samuel as much late in life
as He did the boy Samuel whom He first called ( 1 Sam 3: 4-10). The same is true of many other
people whom He granted a long life ( Pv 16: 31) ( Lk 2: 25, 36) In fact, God loved all humanity
enough to send His Son, Jesus to save sinners ( Jo 3: 16). He will always love and be patient with
everyone including His enemies ( Rom 5: 10) ( 2 Pe 3:9). He will not relegate to relic status
anyone who truly searches for the truth and obeys it ( Acts 2: 37-41).
Too many people today believe themselves to be relics if they can no longer contribute
physically to society. Remember how Jesus treated such people? He praised the poor widow
who could only put 2 small coins in the temple treasury ( Lk 21:2). He healed the blind, the
lame, and the lepers ( Mt 11:5). He is still the same yesterday, today and forever ( Heb 13:8)
which means He will accept anyone no matter their circumstances. They can still pray for
others, write or phone them, love others and praise God. These things should never be allowed
to become relics.
Jim Bailey: from Jery Bailey
This goes along with Chuck’s message last Sunday when he said that it is sometime the older
individuals in the congregation who have the time, have the experience, have the resources,
and have the knowledge to lead and teach different age groups. There is something for us all.
The Lord has blessed us abundantly.
Chet Wiswell, Elder