What a pleasure it is to introduce you to our family here in Sublette, Kansas! You will discover that we are a loving group of believers that are committed to the family of God and the community. We know you will experience a life changing experience with God.

​We believe that all people should have access to worship God. All people have sinned and fallen short of His glory, therefore we welcome people from all walks of life who are looking for a Church family along their journey to Christ. Our goal is to serve the Lord and grow believers in a life dedicated to infusing the love of God into all people using the power of Biblical truth and of course the love of Christ.

​We believe in authentic open worship so whether you love to raise your hands and sway to the music or just believe in sitting still and allowing the Spirit to move in your heart you are welcome here. We believe that relationship is the key to the Kingdom of God and that in these relationships we are free to worship and share the Lord.

​You will also find that we are dedicated to serve. We have Sunday services to include Sunday School and Worship Service, Bible Studies, and we also love to just hang out with each other giving glory to God through fellowship. We are striving to be the Church, much like the one modeled in the Bible. We are dedicated to being a loving family, which are influenced and driven by the Word of God.

​We hope you come to visit us and check out the great family of believers doing great things in Sublette Kansas.